Knee socks or knee highs

What does everyone else think about Knee high tights or socks ? Personally i find them very hard to get just right. To low cut top (possibly v-necks) or to short skirt and you can end up looking like an off duty hooker ! Suppose you could compare them to the whole fishnet thing. You either get the whole outfit right or wrong and can end up looking like a St Trinian ! Fishnet tights are another issue.
Honestly though, they seem to be just the thing if you don't want to do the whole tights thing.
A pair of 10 or 15 denier knee high socks can look great under a pair of trousers for work with some flat ballet pumps and a pair of jeans all without the restriction of tights.
If you want to wear a pair of knee high socks with a skirt, why not wear them with a pair of tights underneath. This takes off the edge of bare flesh and gives you a chance to layer.
If you want to go really crazy check out the crazy designs at
I'm loving this trendy animal theme, especially the pair of giraffe trouser socks. :P

Maybe the whole issue is down to confidence, if you feel and look confident who cares what anyone else thinks !

Oringina xo