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DIY: Ripped Tights

This is very easy to do. Remember how upset you used to get when your tights ripped? Now you can wear them instead of throwing them out. Follow the trends the girls from LA in The Cobra Snake are wearing.
Maybe it is too much for you, but I assure you that if you do it well, some runners on your stockings will look très bien.

You need:

-A pair of tights. It can be any colour, but it looks better on black. You can use an old pair with previous runners on it, but if you want to buy new tights for this experiment, you can go to H&M;, there are good quality tights just for 3 $.


1. Put the tights on. It will be better as the holes/runners will be at the exact place you want them to be, plus, the ripping is easier as the tights are stretched.
2. Take a pin and pull out a thread. Then, with your hands, pull the thread until a runner appears.
3. Stretch the fabric to extend the runner.

If you want it to look like this:

Just pull more threads with the pin to create paralell runners. This is my favourite effect, it looks like you bought it like that. Don't make any holes, it won't look too grunge.

For a more exaggerated look:

When you pull the thread with the pin, start a runner and with your hands make holes along the runner.


Celebrity looks - Naya Rivera 2011-08-06

Naya Rivera 2011-08-06 - Premiere Of Glee The 3D Concert Movie in Westwood

How To Wear Tights - Fashion & Style Tips by Bella Dawn

Bella Dawn TV host Dawn Del Russo gives her tips on how to wear opaque tights. Dawn is the author of "101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle" and has been seen in the Insider.com as well as Fox 5 Ny for her style and fashion tips. www.dawndelrusso.com

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New tights at tightsplease

Tightsplease are constantly on the lookout for new products, and this season is no exception. This week we are proud to bring you a fabulous selection of new styles for Spring 2010.
Spring Season Stock at Tightsplease
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Spring Season Stock at Tightsplease
Le Bourget Romance Tights
Le Bourget Romance Tights
The Mock Stock look has been a main catwalk hosiery feature over the last year and Le Bourget have not disappointed with their version. The glamorous Romance Tights are a sweet and delicate sheer hosiery piece with the appearance of a stocking detail all in a tight.
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Pamela Mann Spring Butterfly
Pamela Mann Spring Butterfly
Spring is the time for prints and colour, what better way to rock the season then with these gorgeous Butterfly Tights by Pamela Mann. The striking print is cute and funky, perfect to add a bit of colour to your transitional winter wardrobe.
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Wolford Hot Dots Tights
Wolford Hot Dots Tights
Sensationally sexy the Hot Dots Tights ooze opulence and elegance. The beautiful bow and side seam feature works beautifully with the delicate diamond and dot detail giving your legs that show-stopping treatment!
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Charnos Spot Opaque Tights
Charnos Spot Opaque Tights
The sensation Spot Opaque Tights are influenced from designer trends for the S/S10 season. Already proven a popular look, the development in the design of these tights makes them easy to wear with lots of different outfits.
Our Price £6.99

Jonathan Aston Tattoo Print Tights
Jonathan Aston Tattoo Print Tights
Rock your way through the spring with these beautiful tattoo tights by Jonathan Aston. The 20 denier appearance, light tattoo detail has been featured on catwalks for the spring/summer season with designers such as Channel supporting the funky look.
Our Price £12.00

Wolford Rivet Leggings
Wolford Rivet Leggings
Fun and funky, the 80’s inspired Rivet Leggings are a beautiful 50 Denier leggings incrusted with harmonious pink sequins around the ankles. These fab tights are a great addition to your Wolford collection as they are perfect to for a special occasion.
Our Price £55.00

Pamela Mann Spring Flower Tights
Pamela Mann Spring Flower Tights
These delicate and pretty tights are a beautiful addition to Pamela Mann’s Spring/summer collection. Hot off the catwalk, the Spring Flower Tights are a fun and classic way to update your outfit through to 2010.
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Charnos Floral Mesh Tights
Charnos Floral Mesh Tights
A beautiful addition to Charnos’s S/S10 collection the Floral Mesh Tights are a sophisticated but fun piece that is not only stylish but extremely high fashion. A key look for this year the floral design is easy to wear as it is a subtle print on a thin mesh net.
Our Price £6.49

Charnos Honey Comb Tights
Charnos Honey Comb Tights
Fishnets are a must have essential for the Spring/summer in all different shapes and sizes. These beautiful Honey Comb Tights are a cross between the net and patterned look that are stylish and striking.
Our Price £6.49

Pamela Mann Slashed Footless Tights
Pamela Mann Slashed Footless Tights
Fix up the distressed look in style with these fabulous Pamela Mann Slashed Footless Tights. Spotted on the catwalks for spring/summer, this look has not only been huge over the past year but has now transformed into a more focused style.
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Featured guest blog post- Laddered tights How to wear fishnet tights

Here's Laddered tights advice on wearing fishnet tights. Click on the above picture to vist her blog or the link at the bottom.

Yesterday I posted that I was going to start a new feature on the blog so here is the first installment.

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted and asked for some advice and my opinion on fishnet tights. I do actually own a pair of them but I’ve only ever worn them for Halloween and a fancy dress gig. I think that they can be quite difficult to wear if you don’t feel confident enough to wear them and I think that, for a lot of people, is because of the negative connotations that fishnet tights have attached to them sometimes. I don’t think that’s the case though.
I’ve found some images of a couple of celebrities who pull off the look.

I’m not a massive Rihanna fan but I really like her outfit here. A simple LBD with statement shoulders teamed with the boots give the look a quirky Rihanna-spin and I think she looks great.

Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen matches her fluorescent skirt with her lipstick and the biker style boots and leather jacket adds to her rock chick look.

Kaya Scodelario’s character in Skins, Effy, often wears her fishnet tights as her style is very edgy and also quite the rock chick style. Effy goes for the “less is more” approach and I personally, love her style.

There is some celebrity influence for you but I put together a couple of outfits too so you know that it’s not just people with a lot of money that can wear them!
(note; just ignore the hole and ladder in my tights!)
Black vest top, Ethel Austin; Denim shorts, New Look, Military boots, Wardrobe
Firstly, I actually really like this outfit and I may have to wear it out sometime soon. Secondly, the rips in the tights sort of add to this look I think and makes it a bit more edgy and a little Taylor Momsen-esque.
Black vest top, as before; Heeled studded boots, Matalan
An easy way to turn a casual day outfit into a night outfit. My vest top is really quite long so it can be worn as a dress and then just add some heels and you’re away! I wore shoes with studs on to keep the whole edgy-ness appeal.
Black vest top, as before; Denim shorts, as before; Purple tights, Ethel Austin
Some people may not be overly confident with just fishnets so I came up with a solution to that… wearing them on top of coloured tights!

I actually wore them like this for the fancy dress gig I went to the other year (The Hoosiers if you are wondering) but I can’t find any photos for you.

I hope this has helped in some way. If there’s anything you would like me to feature on “How to wear…” then do leave a comment or email me. Much appreciated.

Three of the best from Urban outfitters

Three of the best looks currently online at Urban outfitters.

1.Ditsy floral tights £16.00

2.Lace floral tights £12.00
3.Sheer heart tights
Available at http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk

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Littlebowseams- Pastel tights


Littlebowseams shows an outfit with pastel tights.
You can check out her blog here: Littlebowseams

Lady Gaga on the streets of Manhattan in New York City, August 18


Lady Gaga on the streets of Manhattan in New York City, August 18

Shorts and tights

Nicole Richie is doing it. So is Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and Jessica Alba. The Hollywood faction has been getting a leg on the spring and summer shorts trend by pairing their cutoffs with tights now, while there's still a chill in the air.

Sure, celebs are saying yes to the look, but can the rest of us rock the '80s and '90s throwback style? 


"I would say that the shorts and tights trend is the new jean for 2011," celebrity stylist Toni Ferrara (Jaime King, Brittany Snow,Sophia Bush) tells StyleList. "Most body types can pull this off with ease, although if you are not a fan of your legs, I'd suggest doing torn up jeans instead. It's very cute to see this look paired with an over-the-knee heel to add a touch of rock 'n' roll."

If you've got legs -- and know how to use them -- you may just want to give it a whirl, because this trend looks to have staying power: Designers including Twenty8Twelve, Trovata, Rag & Bone,Proenza Schouler, Nanette Lepore and Charlotte Ronson all showed shorts and tights on their fall runways. 

We asked the experts for their shorts and tights tips.

From grunge to glam: "I think now the look is edgier, prettier and sexier than during the grunge era," says wardrobe stylist and former "The Biggest Loser" contestant Nicole Brewer. "Now, ladies are going for an effortless look that makes a fashion statement. But the best way to make a statement is by wearing a silhouette that flatters your figure, no matter what fashion trend you embrace."

Martina Brown, head of marketing for Wolford, says women are embracing the style because they want to be sexy without crossing the line and showing too much. 

"Today's trend is more about finding the femininity and modesty of a look, while the grunge era focused on a more androgynous ethos," she tells StyleList.

Ferrera says she thinks the economy plays an intricate part in today's fashion trends. 

"We are all still in the recovery mode of the recession and uncertain about our future, so it would make sense to go into the rebellion-type phase of fashion," she says. "The interpretation of grunge has a modern twist. This look isn't just for the plaid-lovers, it can be dressed up or dressed down."

If you're curvy: "Curvy women can make it work by choosing the right proportions, fabrications and colors to flatter their figure," Brewer says. "Perhaps a longer short could work. And pairing it with an opaque tight of a similar hue to create a tone on tone look and an illusion of a longer, leaner leg. Also, wearing a heel like a wedge to elongate the silhouette could help pull the look off. And the shape of the top is key. Go for a longer tunic or a boyfriend jacket to add a little comfort and style to the look."

Picking the right tights: "It really depends on the shape of hips, thighs and legs," Brewer says. "When you don't have curves, and you want to create them, you can go wild and can combine just about any patterns and textures. But if you want to play up your assets and disguise the rest, keeping lines and colors simple is the way to go. I think it's modern to try opaque tights or styles with delicate, more sophisticated prints."

Wolford's Brown says to look for "dark sheers, knit patterns, woolly opaques and jewel tone opaques."

Paint it black: Brown says a woman can never go wrong with black. "Colors and patterns are great with a simple short, but don't go too wild," she cautions.

Fererra agrees, adding that her favorite tights for this look are black or charcoal. "And you can definitely diversify your looks from sheer to opaque depending on your bravery," she says. "I would stick with a solid color with texture, but colored hosiery is so two years ago."

Dress it up, dress it down: Brown says the look is definitely casual, but tights under shorts can be dressy when done right. 
"A nice high-waited short with a black opaque tight and a heel is a great look," she says. 

Ferrera says she likes a sleek blazer paired with shorts, tights, boots and a fitted graphic T-shirt. "The denim and T-shirt dress down the more formal looking blazer, tights and boots," she says. "Dress up the shorts and tights look by adding a bit of sparkle on top and pair them with great strappy heels. If sparkle isn't your thing, then opt for a cami/cardigan combo and layer on the necklaces. Either way, this can take you from day to night, while keeping you fresh and flirty."

Inspiration follows: